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The Klamath Basin HBA strives to help the community with information on home building and remodeling as well as services that can be provided by our members. We publish a physical copy of our membership directory every year that is available during our events or at our office or member locations all year long.

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It’s easy to find information on a contractor in Oregon! Use the search button below to visit the CCB website and enter a CCB # or name in the search form provided.

How to Choose a Contractor/Remodeler

How do you go about selecting someone to build/remodel your home?

  • Be sure they have a valid CCB#
  • Check any references
  • Visit one of their worksites/see their craftmanship
  • Be sure to get all agreements in writing
  • Spell out who is providing materials/fixtures
  • Payment dates/receipts

Whats Is the CCB?

The Construction Contractors Board was created in 1971 as the Builders Board and is responsible for safeguarding the security and property of the citizens of Oregon by preventing and resolving construction contracting problems and by insuring contractors’ compliance with the law. The board administers the Oregon Contractors Law that provides for licensing of residential and commercial construction contractors, subcontractors and home inspectors; investigation and adjudication of complaints filed against licensees; and assessment of sanctions against unlawful contractors. The board tests applicants on a 16-hour course in construction laws and business practices.

The board also engages in education activities aimed at preventing construction problems, resolving disputes and promoting a competitive business environment. The Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) assists consumers, contractors and others in resolving their construction disputes. The CCB receives several hundred complaints each month. A dispute may be filed by:

  • A property owner alleging breach of contract, negligent or improper work
  • An employee alleging nonpayment of wages
  • A supplier alleging nonpayment for materials
  • One contractor against another, for breach of contract, negligent or improper work, or nonpayment.

For information from the Construction Contractors Board of Oregon (CCB), click here.

Confused about who could do the work you need? Feel free to call our office. We’re happy to provide information or send you a copy of the Mitre Box!