Why Join KBHBA?


Local membership comes with membership in the Oregon Home Builders Association (OHBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).


We run ads throughout the year on radio stations and maintain an active Facebook page, in addition to community events and involvement.


We’ve Got Your Back! Everyday the politicians and government are looking for ways to increase taxes and other costs. We actively work with the state and national advocates to ensure that your business is helped, not harmed!


We work with other organizations throughout the counties to help support our communities. Some of our members help to do large or small service projects for individuals as they come up.


Discounts through OHBA and NAHB. Save on everything your business needs from GM vehicles all the way to office supplies, workers comp insurance and Home & Outdoor Expo participation!


Contractors get continuing education for FREE! General Contractors must have 8-16 hours of education every other year to renew their license. By being a member, that education is free through Home Builders University.


We participate in community events to represent our membership and remind the community your business is here to help!


Walk-ins/phone calls/web visits PLUS our printed Mitre Box directory is distributed all over Klamath and Lake Counties!


Established in 1968, the Klamath Basin Home Builders Association has been here advocating for builders, property owners and businesses!


Consumers trust the HBA to have the ‘best of the best.’ We are an expert in knowing who has legitimate licenses and the reputation to back it up!