Educational Opportunities

Becoming a Oregon Licensed Contractor

To become a contractor in Oregon you must attend an in-person or a home study course. The HBA offers the home study course which takes 16 hours (minimum requirement).

The text book fees are $150 and includes a text, a study-guide, chapter quizzes and practice tests. Candidates must come with a valid government ID. Once the 16 hours of study time have been completed, the candidate comes back to the office to have the hours certified and is entered into the testing system.

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Continuing Education for Contractors

Oregon licensed contractors must participate in continuing education every other year to maintain their license with the Construction Contractors Board. Less than 6 years means 16 hours of required education, more that 6 years in business means only 8 hours.

Education must be earned from a state authorized education provider (like us!) or our state association the Oregon Home Builders Association (OHBA).

All HBA members are eligible to receive education online through (HBU) at NO CHARGE! Not a member? You can still receive quality, reasonably priced education through HBU. Or better yet, sign up today to become a member! (Click the little red box at the top left of this page!)

Lead Based Paint Certification (Also known as RRP)
In April of 2010 the EPA began requiring specific certification/licensing to deal with lead paint removal in homes/care facilities. If you are going to be working on a structure built before 1978, be sure to know what you are working with.
Testing takes a few minutes, but can save you time and money in the long run.

For more information on Lead Paint Safety click here

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If you have your certificate, but it is coming up for renewal, please see our next refresher course here or contact us to let us know you want to attend a refresher!